East Texas Storm Damage

Robert Serpas definitely has his work cut out for him. After early morning storms moved through East Texas, Serpas was left with a yard full of damaged trees.

"I can't do anything but clean it up. Somebody's got to," Serpas said.

Straight line winds caused some of the worst damage in the Huntington area. Some residents there woke up to power outages, damaged trees, and roofs being torn off their houses.

"I woke up because it was raining real hard. I could hear it on the roof. When I woke up, my alarm clock had gone off and it just sounded like a freight train hit the house," said Amber Williams.

Two huge trees in the Williams family's backyard were about 250 years old. Winds were so strong the trees were completely uprooted.

"It's different seeing other people's houses torn up, but when you see your own it's pretty tough," Williams added.

Keith Carrell Has owned a logging company for nearly 30 years. He found a tree blown into his office when he got to work.

"It kind of makes for a bad day, but no one got hurt so that's the good part of it. All this stuff can be replaced," Carrell told us.