Shattered Dreams in Hudson

Hundreds of Hudson students got an up close and personal look at the damage drinking and driving can do. A program called Shattered Dreams was presented to the district Thursday morning.

The mock-accident scene is intended to be a startling reminder of why drunk driving is often a deadly mistake.

"I wouldn't drink anyway because I've seen what it's done to my family," said freshman, Mariah Naylor.

The staged accident involved teen actors. They are either critically hurt or killed on the road when one of their fellow classmates gets behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Several parents were also at the scene of Thursday's staged accident. Many of them believe teenagers will be more likely to drink and drive now that retail alcohol sales are legal in Angelina County.

They said they know the pressure to drink among high school students can be strong, but they're hoping Thursday's event sent a valuable message about the potential danger.

"Most of them will believe what they see here," said Ida McAlister. "Of course, there's always gonna be those few that live vicariously and think it's not ever gonna happen to them. I do think somewhat now that [Angelina] is a wet county that [alcohol] will be easier for them to get to it."

Angelina County law enforcement workers, anti-alcohol groups, and emergency workers put on Shattered Dreams each year during prom and graduation season.