Oil Spill Shut Down Part of Major Highway in Lufkin

Not long after the workday started for many Lufkin drivers, the ramp that connects the loop to Highway 59 South was shut down. It happened after five gallons of oil fell off a truck spilling onto the highway.

David Collmorgen, TxDot area engineer," said, "It just makes a slick surface and it's in a curve. We were just scared somebody might lose traction."

Traffic in the area was detoured while the overpass was shut down for several hours. A hazardous materials team used an environmentally safe solution to clean up the mess.

"It got tracked all the way across the bridge so we had to close it and we put some stuff called bio-solve on it that breaks the oil down, and then we pressure-washed the structure."

TxDot workers don't know which truck the oil fell from or who was driving it, but the overpass is now safe for motorists and they shouldn't notice any difference when traveling in that area.