Big Fish

by Josh Ault

Ariel Drewery, 15, of Nacogdoches had the thrill of her life last weekend at the McDonalds Big Bass Splash at San Rayburn.

She caught something big. "I was like . . . that's a big fish," she said. Ariel reeled in a 192 pound, 93 inch long Alligator Gar.

This would have set records, except for one small problem.  Her brother, Seth, had helped reel it in.  According to the rules, she had to do it all herself.

Terry Drewery, Ariel's dad, always taught his children about honesty and integrity.  He said, "You hear people cheating in tournaments and ruining your whole life."   He is proud of his children's honesty.

Even though no records were set, Ariel received free tackle and she does not have to pay at any Sealey Fishing Tournaments.

Ariel wanted to remind everyone to start fishing!