Retiring Pharmacist Gives Back To Employees

Pharmacist Wayne Davis has always believed in customer service. He's been known to open the M & S doors in the wee hours to serve the crying baby with colic to the adult needing an emergency refill. Customer Ray Yeamans was there picking up a prescription for his mom. " He's been doing business around here for a long time. I know he's been filling my prescriptions for a long time."

Davis knew,  " That's the niche that we want to fill. We want to be everybody's hometown pharmacy." Like his customers, Davis didn't want that one on one service to go away upon his retirement, so instead of selling to a complete stranger, he sold to someone he knows....his employees.    Davis said, " Their attitude was this is too good to be true."

The 22 new owners consider the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, a gift. Pharmacist in charge, David Bradley says, "The incentive remains to promote the business, promote customer service and then those profits hopefully will be applied to their pension, so the concept of the pension can almost double or triple what it used to be."

Davis is no longer the boss, but will enjoy working part time for his new employers. " So I keep my hands busy and my mind active," said Davis. And it's a way to keep providing the customer service he didn't want to leave behind.

After almost 30 years Wayne Davis has gotten to know a lot of his customers. For that reason the community is invited to his retirement reception. It will be Sunday at 2 p.m.  at the Fredonia Hotel.