SFA Scholarship Fundraiser

The parking lot at SFA was unusually crowded for the weekend, but with good reason.

"We're having mud bugs and mud balls, which is a crawfish bowl and a mud volleyball tournament to raise money for the student foundation, which provides leadership scholarships for incoming freshmen," said Morgan Tomberlain, Executive Director of the SFA Student Foundation Association.

Volleyball teams consisted of SFA students and faculty members.

Participants told us they don't mind getting a little dirty for a good cause.

"It gives you a chance to get out and see what the kids are doing and kind of have a little bit of fun. A little fun competition in the mud. The mud definitely is an added activity," said volleyball participant and SFA Alumni Association member Alicia Chatman.

"It's a good turnout. People are having fun, getting muddy and eating their crawfish," added SFA Student Foundation Association member Olisa Ogbor.

The head cook in charge of the crawfish is an SFA alumnus who says he enjoys giving back to his school as much as the students and faculty enjoy his crawfish.

"I always like coming up here and cooking. I usually cook during the football season tow or three times. I usually come up and cook these crawfish. It's just a way to come back and give to my university," SFA Alumnus and crawfish cook Mike Granger told us.

Students and sponsors tell us while the event is fun, it's important to remember that giving back is what it's all about.