Man Threatens to Jump Off Bridge in Lufkin

A Lufkin man sat on the bridge at Tulane and Loop 287 and allegedly threated to jump. Police were called in to calm the man down and direct traffic. Some of the traffic was caused by curious onlookers, many of whom either slowed down or got out of their cars to get a better look. Police even stopped traffic beneath the bridge to help ensure the man's safety.

"I was coming from Starplex to the mall, and there was this dude sitting down on the bridge. We were just waiting. I thought he was just sitting there chilling, and then he told me to call the cops, so I just pushed 911 and called the cops. I told them there was a dude about to jump off the bridge," said Everardo Castillo, one of the first person to call police.

Police eventually persuaded the man to come down off the bridge. As soon as he stepped down, he was taken to the ground and handcuffed by police. As of yet, police have not yet revealed the man's identity or why he planned to jump.