Pineland Residents Want Answers

Billy Conn says Saturday evening in Pineland, he was videotaping his grandson's baseball game but he never would have expected what happened next.

"All of a sudden, just as the game was ending, we looked up and there were cops running around with guns drawn everywhere," Conn said.

Conn says authorities were allegedly investigating a murder at this house next door. That's when he says he instinctively turned around and started videotaping the incident. He says when officers noticed he was videotaping them, they ran over to him, confiscated his video camera and driver's licence and threatened to arrest him. Conn says not only did he feel his civil rights were violated, but he and other adults were afraid for the children's safety.

"Not once did a law enforcement officer come over here and show any concern for our kids and we had two baseball games going on. Not once did they come show some concern for kids and let us know that our kids were safe. They just ran around with guns drawn," Conn added.

We tried unsuccessfully to contact pineland police or Sabine county sheriff's department officials. But several neighbors, who declined to go on camera, tell us they too saw the entire incident and they want some answers.