Around East Texas

Lake Naconiche Update

The Lake Naconiche dam in northern Nacogdoches County is on its way to receiving the ground cover it needs to prevent erosion. The planting of bermuda grass has begun at Lake Naconiche in Nacogdoches County. Rainy weather last week delayed the planting by a few days, but the moisture is a good setback. Last month governoment funding was lost for the planting project, then suddenly renewed. Planners hope funding will stay in tact for future improvements. The project dates back to 1964. The 700 acre lake project calls for the removal of timber, a pipeline and the construction of a farm to market road. It's an estimated four million dollar project. Nacogdoches County issued bonds of three million dollars to help pay the county's portion. Officials say the project is nearing completion.

East Texas Agent Remembered

Family, friends and fellow servicement gatherd together to lay to rest 32 year old Clint Thrasher of Henderson. Thrasher died Wednesday when the boarder patrol plane he was piloting went down just north of San Manuel. That's in south Texas. In their own words, friends said their final goodbyes, hoping America will not forget the memory of this East Texas agent. Two flags will be flown over the state capitol this week and then presented to Thrasher's two daughters. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Deadly Conduct

A Longvew man is arrested and charged with deadly conduct after police say he opened fire at some people while standing near a street corner. Police say it happended at around 10 Sunday morning at the 11-hundred block of Clover street. Investigators say 23-year old Michael Alexander Jenkins got out of his car, pulled a shotgun, then fired shots at three people who were standing in the area. No one was hit. Police are now investigating the motive of the shooting.

"Silver Alert"

Texas could soon have a new system in place to help locate hundreds of senior citizens who are reported missing each year. The state house is expected to consider the bill today (Monday) to create a so-called "Silver Alert" system. It will inform the public when seniors with mental impairments, such as Alzeheimer's Disease, are lost. The bill has already been passed in the Senate.