Sabine County Authorities Respond

When Sabine County authorities searched the home in Pineland and found the dead body, there was a kids baseball game going on at a nearby field.

One man who was at the game videotaped the officers going inside. He was upset when officers confiscated his video camera and his drivers license. He also believed the officers were putting the kids in danger because they had their guns drawn. But the Sheriff tells us they were just following procedure.

"It's is pretty much standard procedure there for our protection when we do make entrance into a house that our weapons are drawn to cover ourselves," said Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox

The Sheriff showed us the tape that was confiscated. Many said there was a mob of officers with guns drawn ready to shoot, but the tape shows only 3 officers holding their guns in a standard "low ready" position as they entered the home.

The man also said the officers threatened to arrest him, but they said it was only because he became irate.

The Sheriff told us the man's video camera and license were confiscated as evidence. The Sheriff also said the items will be returned once the department is finished reviewing them.