Around East Texas

School Bus Accident

Some Louisiana school children are safe at home this morning (Wednesday), after their bus was hit going through East Texas. The students were on their way back from Dallas Tuesday when they were hit by a box truck near the Van Zandt-Kaufman county line. Witnesses say the truck hydroplaned across the median, hitting the bus on the driver's side. They immediately ran to check on the students on board. "Everybody was quite traumatized and some were bloody. Nobody was in a life threatening situation but everybody was traumatized and shocked. The bus driver was the worst. She's really the hero here, as she gosh, about 500 yards away from the collission here, she went on two wheels to keep that bus straight," said Tuesday Watson. Three students, the bus driver and the driver of the truck were all taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Seat Belts on School Buses?

Seat belts would be required on school buses under a measure easily approved by the House Tuesday. If signed into law, it would take effect in September of 2010. The Senate has similar legislation pending.

Gambling Ring Convictions

A Trinity County jury has convicted a father and daughter of being part of an illegal gambling ring. Bob and Robin Moody were found guilty and sentenced to two years probation. Bob Moody had been operating at least four different illegal gambling operations in Trinity County. His daughter Robin Moody was found guilty of engaging in organized criminal activity. Dozens of other suspects involved inthe case have entered guilty pleas.

Child Porn

A Lufkin man has pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography. Last year federal agents searched 30-year old Jerry Mettlen's home and seized a personal computer which had over 100 pictures of child pornography. Mettlen now faces up to ten years in federal prison.

Loggins Fire

The clean-up begins at Loggins Meat Company this morning after Monday's massive fire. Tuesday afternoon, company President, Bobby Loggins got a chance to look inside his plant for the first time since the fire. He says he hopes to move the south plant's operations to the north plant as soon as possible. Fire investigators say the fire started in an air duct coming from a refrigeration unit.

Religious Freedom

The freedom of religious expression on campus. The state house has approved a bill says students cannot be penalized or rewarded because of the religious content of their work or religious expression at school. The measure also requires schools to establish a limited public forum for students to have free religious expression at all school events. The bill now goes to the Senate.

TAKS Test Cheating Allegations

A deadline is set for an East Texas school to anseer to cheating allegations on the 2005 TAKS test. According to the inspector general's office, there were anomalies in Winona ISD's administration of the test including similar responses and multiple marks or erasures, which could indicate a student's answer sheet was improperly modified. Also found were large score gains and unusual response patterns. Inspectors concluded that Winona ISD should not be cleared of wrongdoing. We asked for a comment from Winona superintendent Rodney Fausett, but our calls were not returned.