Alto Neighbors Battle

Grace Sharp is fighting for justice. She says several months ago, her neighbor's 12-year-old son killed two of her family's cats and the boy's parents then threatened her family. But after investigating, Cherokee county authorities could find no reason to get involved. Scared for their safety, Grace and her daughter moved to Lufkin.

"Now we cannot go back because he's going to kill us. That's not the first time he did it and this boy needs help, needs somebody to tell him that's wrong," said Sharp.

Sharp is now circulating a petition around East Texas to have Cherokee County authorities prosecute their neighbor's son. With 720 signatures so far, Sharp says many East Texans who hear her story are very supportive.

"It's heartbreaking. I mean, I can't believe somebody's not going to take any action against this wild kid. Let's put it that way. I mean, that's a nice description of him but I have some other words, but I don't think I better say them," said Brian Derby, show signed her petition.

"I think something should be done about it. Somebody needs to do their job. The boy should've been prosecuted. It's against the law," agreed Curtis Kolojaco, who also signed it.

Sharp is even getting help from PETA. That organization is circulating a petition on their website, calling for action. Grace received a letter of support from Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. And she's also contacted Larry King, the Oprah Winfrey Show and Doctor Phil about her situation, hoping to share her story on national TV.

"I will not give up. The only way is if I died and I couldn't do it. But somebody needs to pay for that," said Sharp.