High School Student Hurt in Overnight Storms

Not much is left of the Johnson family home in Trinity County. They've lived there for more than 20 years, but in just a few minutes, it was all taken away by Wednesday night's storm. The Johnson's almost lost much more than a place to live.

Randy Johnson said, "As soon as it hit, it uprooted the tree and it came through the roof, landed on my daughter's bed where she was sleeping, and it had her pinned under the roof and the tree. It took about maybe an hour or so to get her cut out."

But that hour seemed like forever. The storm knocked out the Johnson's electricity so he couldn't even find his daughter at first. Pinned underneath the tree, Brooke Johnson couldn't breathe and lost circulation in her legs. Miraculously, a trip to the Trinity emergency room only found scratches and bruises.

Brooke said, "It started hitting me today at school - I'm starting to feel really, really sore. My head hurts and the scratches on my face are starting to hurt, and my feet, my legs, pretty much everything [hurts]."

But that didn't stop her from getting up Thursday morning and going to school. The Groveton High School senior is exempt from all her final exams and didn't want to mess up her good record.

"I don't want to have to take my final exams," Brooke said. "I have a scholarship interview on Tuesday and it's going to count against me, so I'm gonna go to school late on that day and I just left early Thursday, so it'll only count as one absence."

The Johnson home is a total loss and their three cars were also damaged by fallen debris, but they are grateful for what they've gained. Neighbors who don't hesitate to pitch in and help clean up and a chance to start over again.

The Johnson Family has already moved out of their home and is now living with relatives in a nearby community.

Many residents in the Timber Bay subdivision were asleep when the worst part of the storm hit. Some of them said the winds were strong enough to shake their homes.

Fallen branches and limbs remain scattered throughout the small community. Folks living there feel fortunate the damage isn't worse.

Storm damage and fallen trees are also being reported in other East Texas communities, but there were no other injuries in East Texas from Thursday night's storm.