Hands On Biotechnology

A DNA workshop offered by Dr Bea Clack lets students see the oohs and ahhs of science. Students laugh as they swab the inner part of their mouth. The fun of grabbing a DNA sample is just the beginning of this hands on lesson.   They move their sample back and forth, " like a teeter totter," instructed Clack.   They see the chain of events can teach them something new about themselves.

Dr Clack offers fun workshops on molecular biology and protein chemistry to anyone who asks. She teaches or develops curriculum for all ages.   "It's just a matter of finding out what they need and how we can facilitate them rather it's here or in the class. Basic genetics, molecular biology. Anything."

Dr Clack wants students to experience science.    Michael Elliott said, " It's really cool because to learn all this stuff about DNA that I really didn't know before. It's a really good way to learn it." Textbooks are necessary, but can't take the place of actually learning by doing.    His mom, Tamara Elliot said, " We all learn the same way we did when we were his age. Eight years old or 80 years old old, if you can get your hands in on it, you're just so much more likely to remember."

Dr Clack with the help of her older students offers workshops all year long. Most are free, at least for now. The payment is seeing students develop a curiosity that can lead to new discoveries.