School Uniforms

School uniforms have been available at various East Texas stores for some time.

But with the opening of a new school uniform store today Lufkin, people are once again talking about a decision made by the Lufkin school district to require uniforms at more Lufkin schools.

"Our middle school has been in uniforms for eight years now and 30 percent of our elementaries been and in this coming year we'll make a move to create a uniform format for all of our elementaries," said Lufkin ISD Superintendent Roy Knight.

East Texans have varying opinions about the decision.

"They're not wearing gang related colors or gang related clothes. Or boys aren't wearing clothes that are not fitted to their waist right. And girls aren't wearing things that are a little too short," said Lufkin parent Mona Luna

"They can dress however they want. They can dress baggy or they can dress gothic. As long as they're going to school and doing their job, what does that matter," for Lufkin ISD student Jesus Hernandez said.

"You'll probably save money on clothing. You'll only have to buy maybe two or three uniforms the whole year. So from all the angles, I think it's a good idea," Lufkin resident Ino Reyes told us.

Lufkin school leaders say so far, most parents have been supportive. And they hope East Texans realize why they're requiring all elementary students wear uniforms.

"Our success with standardized dress has been very good. Our campuses have been able to focus on the things we think are most important. It's more about what goes on inside your mind than what you look like on the outside," Knight stated.