Around East Texas 05/04/07

Man Charged with Retaliation Against Lufkin Judge

A Corrigan man has been charged with retaliation after allegedly making terroristic threats against State District Judge Barry Bryan. Arrest records indicate, 25 year old Humberto Cruz threatened to place a "hit" on the judge because he expected the judge to give him prison time for a different offense. East Texas News 9's Reporter Ramonica Jones will have a full report tonight at 6 p.m.

Grandmother Plea Bargain

An East Texas grandmother accused of organized crime has reportedly struck a deal with prosecutors. Sources tell the East Texas News that Marilyn Lout, the former assistant county auditor in Shelby county will "tell all" in order to save herself from going to prison. The 70-year old cancer patient will reportedly get a ten year suspended prison sentence. She has reportedly agreed to repay the almost two hundred thousand dollars that's she's accused of stealing form the county. Thursday Lout and her daughter-in-law, Kim, were indicted by a Shelby county grand jury on charges of felony theft and misappropriation of funds.

Winnsboro Drug Arrest

An arrest that an East Texas police department says will clear up much of their city's drug problems has been made. Thursday morning, Winnsboro police arrested 38 year old Kelvin McCain. Officers say McCain is responsible for 90 percent of the crack cocaine that comes into Winnsboro. During McCain's arrest, police say they also found 9 grams of crack, worth 15-hundred dollars. If convicted, McCain coud face life in prison.

Alleged Drunk Burglar Arrested

A Smith county man could get up to 25 years in jail for trespassing into his neighbors house and beating her. Thursday, jurors convicted 64 year old Michael Hodges of burglary with the intent ot commit assault. The beating happened during an argument between Hodges and the neighbor in April of last year. Hodges was reportedly drunk at the time.

Stormy Weather

The stormy weather in East Texas has been causing wind damage and flooding problems for the past few days. Wednesday night a Trinity county family lost their home when a tree crashed down on it. They had lived in the home for more than 20 years, but in just a few minutes their home was destroyed. It could have been much worse. The Johnson's teenage daughter, Brooke, was sleeping in her bedroom when a tree crashed through the ceiling, right on top of her bed. She was trapped under the fallen tree for about an our, but amazingly Brooke has only a few minor cuts and bruises. Chief Meteorologist Conley Isom says the storms are gone and will be replaced by hot and humid temperatures rising into the upper 80ies. The heat index could reach into the 90ies by Sunday. Watch the East Texas News at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. for your complete forecast.

Mavericks down and out

A depressing day for the Dallas Mavericks. If you fell asleep at halftime, you missed a lot. The Warriors ran away with this one 111-86. They are now the first 8th seed to win a best of seven game series. And this bit of ironic history, the Warriors also beat the Mavericks in six games for their first playoff series win in 1991.

Substitute Teacher Arrested

An East Texas substitute teacher is arrested and charged with sexual assault on a student. 23-year old James Glynn Draper of Longview was a substitute teacher at Pine Tree school. The school district says the alleged assault did not occur during school or on campus. They have removed Draper from the substitute teacher list.