Lufkin Land Residents are Changing their Community

Lufkin's first murder of the year happened in Lufkin Land. Sherry Ann Moore's body was found in a field near Knight Street back in February.

Some residents said the neighborhood then started changing for the better, but some of them now believe those changes were just temporary.

Dorothy Lively said, "At first, they were riding a lot, the police were, but I don't see them too much now. I guess this is just an area they don't patrol a lot, because I don't notice them."

Many long time Lufkin Land residents are working hard to improve their community and protect their neighbors. Glenn Lewis is well known in the area and is keeping a close eye on the streets. He said he notices police on patrol in Lufkin Land, but is concerned they are sometimes taking their safety measures a little too far.

"They do a little harassment," Lewis said. "You can't walk the streets. They'll pull you over and just harass you. That's one of the reasons [there are] not too much problems, because me and some of my friends [are] kind of like Crimestoppers. We walk around, see if everything's alright. It's a lot of old people out here, so we try to take care of them."

Most of the residents we spoke with said they feel safe and are not afraid to walk down the street or even sit on their front porch at night, but many of them said they hear very little about the murder mystery and are still wondering why it happened here and who the killer may be.

Lufkin police are still investigating Sherry Ann Moore's murder. So far, no arrests have been made.