Native American Stick Ball

by Josh Ault

The Woodland Indians of Southwest America created a unique sport called Stick Ball.  Today at the Native American Student Affairs Pow-Wow the game was played. Krista Kleinman, President of the Native American Student Association, said, "this is the first time our tribe has participated in a stick ball exhibition."

The local tribe was challenged by a tribe from Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Jay Mule, captain of the Oklahoma team, said, "It's an ancient field sport that was used at one time to resolve disputes."

Stick ball is very familiar with lacrosse.  You have two stick and a leather ball. Kleinman said, "The goal of it is to hit the pole, there is a pole in the ground usually twelve to fourteen feet high."

Stick ball can be violent.  Rachael Farve, a Oklahoma player, said, "Girls can tackle girls and guys, but the guys can not touch the girls."  No protection is used in stick ball.

The sport is still growing in Texas and Oklahoma, but in Mississippi there are stick ball world championships.