Driving Jacks

by Josh Ault

SFA students who need a ride home can always depend on one campus organization.  This organization is being honored in a big way.

Late into the night SFA students, Jessica Johnson and Laterrious Starks, are on a mission to keep drunk drivers off the roads.  They are part of an organization called Driving Jacks.

Matt Bodin, the new vice president, said, "It is a safe ride home program, all you have to do is on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday from 10 to 3 in the morning, you just call and we give you a free ride home."

Driving Jacks has only been functional at SFA this semester.  The university was very impressed, and presented the group with the Organization of the Year Award.

Stephanie Sullivan, current president, said, "It was very touching that (the university) noticed our hard work."

Over 600 students were given safe rides this semester.  Jessica Johnson, the new Driving Jacks president, said, "Being a volunteer in Driving Jacks is a really great place to get involved in the SFA community."

Driving Jacks will not be operating in the summer, but will get back to the roads in the fall.