Nacogdoches Police Report - 05/07/07

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 1800 North Street. Subject was contacted after he was parked in the intersection of North Street and Rusk Street. Subject appeared to be intoxicated and was found in possession of a rock of suspected crack cocaine. Ellis Tolbert was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION: 200 Block of East Lakewood. A known suspect entered a residence without permission and assaulted his ex-girlfriend by hitting her in the ear with a fist and across the chest with an extension cord. A warrant has been requested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1800 Block of North Street. An unsecured vehicle was entered and a wallet was taken. Cash, a debit card and drivers license were in the wallet.

FAILURE TO IDENTIFY: 700 Block of Ritchie Street. Two passengers in a vehicle that was stopped for traffic gave false information to officers. Vonda Murphy and Kenneth Smith were arrested.

UNLAWFUL CARRYING OF A WEAPON/PUBLIC INTOXICATION: 900 Block of Summitt. Suspect was arrested for pi during a disturbance.  Officers located a 10" knife in his boot. William Westbrook was arrested.

THEFT: 3801 North Street. While attending a movie, a purse was taken that contained a camera and cash. The purse, less the camera and money was located in the theatre.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 3400 Block of Durst Street. Over a three week period, three vehicles have been entered and radiators and batteries were stolen from them.

THEFT: 2013 North Street. The complainant cashed a social security check for a known suspect. The suspect then reported the checks as stolen.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 Block of Meadowbrook. A vacant rent house was entered and the walls pained with spray paint.

UNAUTHROIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 200 Block of Muckleroy. Complainant loaned his vehicle to a known suspect who did not return it. The vehicle was later returned.

RECKLESS DAMAGE: 1400 Block of University Drive. Complainant reported the an unknown suspect had shot through his roof . Complainant did not discover this until thr roof leaked during a rain event.

THEFT: 1916 Douglass Road. Complainant reported a granite grave marker in the shape of a bible taken  overnight.

FORGERY: 928 Northwest Stallings Drive. Complainant reported that a suspect had opened a Cingular Wireless account without his permission.

ASSAULT: 3200 Block of North Street. Complainant reported being assaulted by a boyfriend. No injuries, Dernell Pleasant was arrested.

ASSAULT: 3200 Block of  Pearl Street. Complainant reported being assaulted by the suspect by being pushed and threatened. No injuries, Bryal Neel was arrested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 4810 North Street. Complainant reported that several young males had pushed a shopping cart into her vehicle. Complainant does not wish to file charges.

HIT AND RUN: Center Highway at Tower Road. Officers responded to an accident where an unknown vehicle had struck a utility pole and left the scene.

RESISTING ARREST-INTERFERENCE WITH 9-1-1 CALL.: 1100 Block of Ritchie Street. The suspect was involved in a disturbance with his father. Suspect took the phone when the victim attempted to call the police. When officers arrived the suspect resisted arrest. Brandon Bryant was arrested.

ILLEGAL DUMPING: 1100 South Street. A known suspect used a dumpster without the consent of the owner.

HIT AND RUN: 3200 Block of Pearl. Unknown suspect hit complainant's vehicle and left without leaving any information.

THEFT: 1216 South Street. A wallet containing cash and credit cards was stolen when it was left at the deli counter. No suspects.