Recognize Your Favorite Teacher

by Jessica Cervantez

Teachers play an important role in molding little ones. But for one East Texas teacher, it is a young first grader who touched her heart.

Renea Bufkin, a Hudson first grade teacher, said, "She had, the most beautiful blonde hair, the prettiest little face, little freckles, just adorable.  And, she wore glasses, and I think that is what really attracted me to her, my daughter wears glasses."

Seven-year-old Jennifer Elliott may be a shy first grader, but Mrs. Bufkin says she is the sweetest little girl.

Bufkin said, "her glasses were so thick. I just mentioned to one of my friends I wish I could get her new glasses.  I could see her in little pink glasses like my daughter, I just think she would probably love that."

And, she did. Mrs. Bufkin and Jennifer have developed a special bond based around these little pink framed glasses.

"In my 17-years of teaching, I have never felt this strongly about a child, I've always felt like I needed to help , but not in this way.  It was just an awesome, incredible feeling I've ever had."