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5/7/07-Rusk County

7 On Your Side:Roof Repair Nightmare

It was a repair that cost this consumer thousands and the work is still not even finished!

Renee Johnson thought she could put her trust into the company she hired Marion Construction but had to find out the hard way they would not live up to their promise.

Last October when Renee Johnson hired Marion Construction, a Laneville company that goes by the motto "Building Your Dreams," she didn't think she'd be living this nightmare today.

"I wrote him a check and then it was downhill from there," says Renee.

Renee needed a leaky roof repaired and the proposal written up by Marion Construction said the work would include installing new decking, felt, shingles and repainting the inside bedroom where the leak occurred.

Renee wrote a check for the full amount of $4,100.

"[The owner, Scott Marion] said that would cover the roof and the repairs on the inside where the existing roof had leaked," says Renee.

But this is what Renee's roof looks like today nearly 6 months later. A sheet of this metal covering screwed to her roof.

Renee adds, "He went as far as calking the screws and I didn't think that was a very good way of repairing the problem."

These pictures show what happens when water gets through, the leak seeping through her walls and ceiling.

"I mean she has got a tarp on her roof. I mean that's unconscionable!,"says Better Business Bureau of Central East Texas President Kay Robinson.

Robinson says inquiries on roofing companies come into her office daily.

"The problem is that you never never never pay for the whole amount up front. You pay in increments and you certainly have a right to see the type of product that you are having put on your roof," says Robinson.

Renee says she couldn't get cooperation from the company or it's owner Scott Marion, so she took it to court.

Renee won. A judge ruling she should be awarded $3,000 plus interest; far greater than the $1,100 the company offered to give before.

"I was going to stand up for what I felt was right," says Renee.

Robinson adds, "The right thing to do is to either send somebody out there that knows what they're doing and do the job correctly or refund her money!"

7 On Your Side agrees that is the right thing to do. But we have been given no indication that's going to happen. Marion Construction has not returned any of our calls or emails.

Renee has the option according to the judge to file an "abstract of judgement."

If at any point the roofing company sells something for profit, she will be paid her $3,000.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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