East Texas Gas Prices

Cooper Castleberry's furniture store usually delivers for free, but with gas prices climbing, that policy may soon change.

"The obvious way it's affecting my business is through the added expense on deliveries. We run our trucks and the additional cost in fuel has forced us to start considering charging for delivery which we have not done in the past," Castleberry told us.

Many other East Texans are also feeling the impact of rising gas prices. The high cost of fuel is making it tricky to manage their budgets.

"We're all going to the poor house. It won't be much longer until we're not going to be driving around anywhere. We're going to be staying at home," said Lufkin resident Mary Parker.

"We're not planning on taking any vacations this year. Not where we have to go anywhere," Hudson resident Kenneth Ricks said.

Castleberry's store has been in business since 1962. He says free delivery is one of the things his customers have appreciated most thoughout the years. He knows many customers are unhappy about the possibility of paying delivery fees, but they understand why that might have to happen.

"We're all faced with the same thing and I tell them we're not going to try to make money off of delivery. We're just trying to recover our expense."