Around East Texas 05/08/07

Last Day of Early Voting

Today (Tuesday) is the last day to vote early in local and state elections. Some controversial liquor and alcohol elections are being held in Zavalla and Huntington in Angelina County. Also, there's a statewide constitutional amendment on the ballot that, if approved, would authorize the legislature to provide a reduction of the limitation on the total amount of ad valorem taxes that may be imposed for public school purposes on the residence homesteads of the elderly or disabled. The general election is this Saturday. Get the results on these issues on KTRE's East Texas News at 10 p.m. and on

Escaped Probationer Arrested

A Tyler man is in jail after leading Smith County jail officials on a manhunt. Officials tell us 22-year old Joseph Eschberger escaped from his probation officer Monday afternoon in Noonday. He is being held in the jail this morning and is charged with aggravated robbery.

Shelby County Murder

A bizarre coincidence with an East Texas murder victim. It happened Sunday in Shelby County, near Center. The Sheriff's department says 71-year old Buster Ford shot and killed a man named Reggie Paul Fountain. Officials charged Ford with murder, but released him from custody. If the victim's name, Reggie Paul Fountain, is not familiar, you may remember what he was accused of doing. Last April, Fountain was arrested for allegedly trying to eat his dog alive. According to the Shelby County District Attorney, Fountain chewed and ate part of the pit bull puppy's ear, while walking down a street, wearing nothing but his underwear. At the time, the D-A told us Fountain claimed he was high on P-C-P and cocaine and blamed that for his bizarre actions.

Gas Leak Follow-up

The well that caused an evacuation on Sunday in Polk County has been capped. Emergency officials say they will be staying on the scene to monitor the air quality. TX_DOT has re-opened State Highway 146. The Houston-based chapter of the American Red Cross has been assisting the more than twenty displaced families.

H-P-V Bill

Governor Rick Perry is running out of time to rule on the controversial H-P-V Bill. The measure would block state officials form following Perry's executive order requiring schoolgirls to be vaccinated. The Bill would be automatically made into law if the Governor takes no action.

More Information Needed

Wood County authorities say they have suspects in the murder of a teenager, but are asking for more leads. On Friday, 19-year old Brittany McGlone was found dead in her home near Lake Winnsboro. Authorities say she died from blunt trauma to the head. McGlone's boyfriend, who lived in the home, was the first person to discover the body. Investigators say the murder happened somewhere between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday. It's a big time gap. Authorities are hoping someone will come forward, if they say something suspicious. If you have any information, call the Wood County Sheriff's Department