Move It With School Field Days

Brandon Elementary's annual field day shows you what schools everywhere are doing. And if they're not, they should. Elementary school children participate in a variety of 'Move It' competitions. " We do running. We jog. Obstacle courses. We have activities for kids that are extra fast. We have activities for the ones that are not," explained the children's physical education teacher, Paula Rusk.

Bottom line is the children move it the old fashioned way. One sweaty competitor explained his last competition." A 3-legged race is when you get one leg in a sack with a partner and 2 legs in the middle connect so it's called 3 legged race," he said as he held a blue ribbon. Another child chimed in with advice. " Make sure you and your partner are on the same speed so you don't fall down."

Brandon Elementary is at a full run the rest of the school year too. A track program keeps students on track to learning about the benefits of exercise. Children are taught the benefits of staying active.  " So you can get strong, get fast and be healthier," said one child. His classmate shared,  " It's important to exercise to stay healthy."

There are other factors that come into play. Rusk said, " I think a lot of it has to do with their diet and the busy schedules people follow. They're not being as concerned as they should be about the fat intake that they're children have."

Important lessons to remember as these kids enter summer. In unison they yelled out their reminder to everyone. " Get out and exercise and watch Move It Monday."

Move It Monday is brought to you by Memorial Health Systems of East Texas.