Teacher of the Year Named

For the third year in a row, Wal Mart representatives have presented a teacher of the year award to a Central Heights School teacher.   Junior high reading teacher Tracy Warren receives the honor this year, much to the satisfaction of the students who voted for her. Hannah Emery made sure her classmates voted.  " She does an amazing job here. You can come and talk to her and she will listen to you. She knows how to explain things to you. Just make it a fun way to learn."

Warren enjoys the challenge of showing a bunch of 7th and 8th graders that reading can be fun. She provides this tip to parents.  " Find something they are interested in and find something that will spark their interest. See if they're not interested in the book, they're not going to read it. I'm no different than that."

Warren's approachability and open mindedness are what students like and it doesn't hurt that, " She doesn't give us a lot of homework. That's a plus," said one student.   Warren responded,  " I'm thrilled. I love teaching. I love the kids. This 8th grade group in particular. I'm blown away."

Everyone came away a winner with this recognition. Wal Mart presented Warren a $100 gift card and the school a $1000 check. The kids got cupcakes.