Dr. Robert Ramsey Retires

Brad Streit, Vice-President / General Manager KLTV
Brad Streit, Vice-President / General Manager KLTV

All of us have had leaders impact our lives and I'm no exception. While we all can recognize these folks in our own special way few have the opportunity do it on a television station. Normally I wouldn't but in this case I'm making an exception.

Last week Dr. Robert Ramsey, chair of the communications department at Stephen F. Austin announced his retirement. Since 1973 Dr. Ramsey has taught and counseled students including those who chose to take up a career in the television industry. Well, that includes people like me and many of the people that work or have worked at KLTV and KTRE.

As an incoming naïve and fearful freshman when I took my first television course under Dr. Ramsey I remember him as one who had a sincere interest in his students. As a communications instructor one would expect him to be an interesting lecturer, and he was. But the thing I remember most about Dr. Ramsey was his ability to listen. His charisma could easily have cast him as a lead anchor in any major market which could have made him both rich and famous.

But instead he chose to teach, and I along with many of my peers are grateful. I congratulate Dr. Ramsey and encourage you to thank a leader who has had an impact on your life.