Lufkin Police Report - 05/10/07

ASSAULT:  300 Block of Lazy Oaks.  A man reported that he was hit in the face during an altercation with a known suspect.  The victim had swelling around his eye.  The second party said he only hit the man when the man swung first and then pulled a knife during an argument.

DEADLY CONDUCT:  300 Block of South Chestnut.  Four teenaged boys reported that they were on their bicycles on Church St. when a car passed them and stopped.  A man got out of the car and pointed a handgun at the boys.  The boys fled to a nearby grocery store and the car chased them and tried to run over them in the parking lot.  The boys were not injured.  The suspect vehicle was described as a maroon Chevrolet Avaeo.  Possibly related to case #10889 below.

THEFT:  2500 Daniel Mccall.  A cell phone was left on the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart while the owner was shopping Wednesday evening.  When the owner returned a short time later the phone was gone.

ASSAULT:  1400 East Lufkin Av.  A man reported that he was driving down the street Wednesday afternoon when a group of juveniles began throwing bricks at his car.  The man got out of the car and was attacked and hit by the juveniles.  The man declined medical treatment.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  900 Block of Rowe.  An external residential water heater was damaged sometime Wednesday afternoon at a vacant house.  The water heater fittings were broken off and the heater turned over.

THEFT:  500 Block of Lazy Oaks.  A man came home from shopping Wednesday afternoon and his microwave oven had been stolen and his houseguest was gone.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  1800 Block of Sayers.  A woman reported ongoing problems with her ex-husband calling and leaving threatening voice mails.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  700 Block of Culverhouse.  A man reported that he gave a woman a ride early Wednesday morning and was beaten by three of her friends who then stole his car.  The car was found nearby and the victim had numerous cuts and scratches on his face and arms.

THEFT:  1700 Block of Culverhouse.  A window unit air conditioner and a bag of aluminum cans were stolen from a residence sometime Tuesday night.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  Renfro.  A woman reported that her common-law husband became angry at her when she took him to work Wednesday morning and threw a large cup of soft drink that hit her in the head.  The woman was not injured.