Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 05/10/07

El Taurino Restaurant and Bar got 18 demerits. The reason: undated food in the cooler, the walls and floor were dirty, food was left uncovered, and the grill, prep cooler, and microwave were all dirty.

Dee Dee Donuts in Zavalla got 10 demerits for having household insect spray inside the restaurant and not having the food permit posted.

Hunan Restaurant in Lufkin got nine demerits because employees' drinks did not have lids and food handler certificates are needed for employees.

Charlie's Restaurant also got nine demerits for a dirty grill, freezer, and fryers; and the reach-in cooler needed cleaning.

Congratulations to Donut Palace in Lufkin and Mar Teres Tea Room in Hudson for getting a perfect score of zero demerits.