Lufkin Police Report - 05/14/07

THEFT:  500 Block of Montrose.  An amplifier was stolen from a residence sometime Sunday.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  500 Block of Hemlock St.  A car window was broken out and the stereo stolen during the early morning hours Monday.

ASSAULT:  400 East Laurel.  A man reported that he was assaulted by the brother of a girl he was visiting around 1:30 Monday morning.  The victim said the suspect hit him in the face and kicked him.  The victim had a laceration to his forehead and was treated at a local emergency room.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  500 Block of Avondale.  A woman reported that she was assaulted in her home late Sunday night by the girlfriend of a male visitor.  The victim sustained scratches to her neck.

ASSAULT:  1200 Block of East Denman.  Two men reported mutual assault.  One man went to help his sister get her keys back from her live-in boyfriend Sunday night and the two men ended up in a fight.  Both claimed the other started it but neither man had visible injuries.

BURGLARY:  4600 South Medford Dr.  A car was broken into Sunday afternoon at the mall parking lot and the stereo was stolen.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  400 Block of East Laurel.  A woman reported that she loaned her car to an acquaintance she knew only by a first name so that person could buy the victim some crack Sunday morning.  The woman returned without the crack and said a man had taken the car keys and wouldn't return them.  Alonzo D. Turner, 30, was arrested Sunday afternoon when he was spotted driving the car on N. Timberland.  Turner was charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  500 Block of Dixon.  A vacant house was broken into during the past week.  Nothing was taken but the cabinets and drawers had been rummaged through.