Nacogdoches Police Report - 05/14/07

FRAUD: 917 East Austin (M&S Pharmacy). Suspect called the pharmacy and represented being from a physician's office. The suspect authorized the dispensing of medication. Police were alerted and when the suspect arrived to pick the prescription up, she was arrested. Margaret Williams was arrested.

DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES: 300 block of North University Drive. A former employee of a business had obtained telephone service in the name of a former employer. Calls are now being directed to a new business in the name of the suspect. Investigation underway.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 1400 block of Shelton. A credit card has been stolen from the complainant and used to make several unauthorized purchases.

FORGERY: 1030 North University Drive. Unknown suspect passed a forged payroll check at this location.

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING: 1300 block of Cardinal. At a construction site, unknown persons forcibly entered a locked semi box trailer and removed nine (9) 1000 feet rolls of electrical wire and a Dewalt motor.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 2100 block of Banita Street. A known suspect threatened the complainant with a knife during an argument. A warrany has been requested for the suspect.

HARASSMENT: 900 block of Summit. A known suspect continues to call complainant after being told not to do so. Warrant requested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 3100 block of North Pecan Street. A known suspect was witnessed spraying paint on the complainant's vehicle. A warrant has been requested.

RECOVERED PROPERTY: 800 block of East Main Street. A road master mountain bike was recovered abandoned.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 1600 South Fredonia at South Street. There was a large crowd at the ice machine at south and South Fredonia. A suspect cut in line, and the crowd became angry. The suspect then produced a pistol and threatened the crowd. The suspect was stopped a short time later on Martin Luther King and he was arrested. Jay Van Coutee was arrested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 900 block of West Cox Street. Complainant reported that his truck tires were cut by an unknown suspect while parked.

HIT AND RUN: 4800 block of Northwest Stallings Drive. Complainant reported that an unknown person had struck his parked and unattended vehicle and left the scene.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: 1400 block of Virginia Avenue. Officers were dispatched to a man with a gun call. Suspect was outside shooting into the trees. Officers determined the gun to be a pellet gun. Santiago Diaz was arrested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 3700 block of Northeast Stallings Drive. Suspect stopped for traffic violation. Suspect was found to be in possession of a small amount of suspected marijuana. Caleb Frazier was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1200 block of Raguet Street. Complainant reported that unknown persons had removed a battery from his vehicle.

THEFT: 4300 block of Old Lufkin Road. Complainant reported that his pga golf clubs had been taken by an unknown suspect from his porch.

POSSESSION OF  MARIJUANA-POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 1500 block of North Street. Officers stopped  a vehicle for traffic violation and immediately smelled the odor of burned marijuana. Southeastveral occupants had residue on their persons and were in possession of suspected marijuana. Arrested for P.O.M. were-Jonathan Murphy, Juan, Palapios, Robert Guerrero and Roy Zapata. Southeastveral bars of suspected Xanax were located, and Gurerro was charged with POCS. Palapios was later found to have suspected cocaine in his wallet . He too was charged with POCS.

FAIL TO STOP AND RENDER AID: 300 block of Southeast Stallings Drive. Officers were dispatched to an accident with injuries. It was determined that one of the drivers had fled the scene on foot. The suspects are two Hispanic males. Investigation underway.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 1100 block of Hilltop.  Officers were called to a fight in progress at the EJ Campbell building. Officers arrived to find a large crowd leaving on foot and in vehicles. Officers determined that a known suspect fired a gun several times . No injuries. Warrant requested.

POSSESSION OF  A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE-POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA. Officers stopped a vehicle on traffic. The driver was found to be in possession of suspected crack cocaine and marijuana. Frederico Coronado was arrested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJAUANA: 800 block of Oakhill Plaza. Suspect had been contacted by security. Officers arrived and found the suspect to be in possession of suspected marijuana. Alexandria Garrison was arrested.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 1400 block of Martinsville. Officers were called regarding a disturbance. It was determined that the suspect had attempted to strike the victim with a metal shower rod. Joe HOLLOWAY was arrested.

DWI-FAILURE TO ID: 1300 block of West Main. Suspect was contacted after his vehicle almost collided with another vehicle. The suspect was found to be intoxicated and gave a false name. His identity was found and Hidalgo Jorge Salvador was arrested.

ASSAULT: 3200 block of Pearl. Complainant reported being slapped by a female suspect. Complainant did not wish to file.

HARRASSMENT: 1800 block of Johnson Drive. A known suspect continues to call the complainant on the phone after being told not to do so.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 4100 block of Northeast Stallings Drive. Complainant reported being followed by an unknown suspect into an apartment complex drive. Suspect vehicle then struck complainant's vehicle. One suspect exited the suspect vehicle and threw a cinder block through the rear windshield of the complainant's vehicle. The suspect vehicle is described as a black Ford Expedition.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 700 block of First Street. Complainant became involved in an altercation with a known suspect. The suspect exited the vehicle and fired one round with a shotgun. No injuries were reported. A warrant has been requested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 1200 block of Spokane Street. Officer observed the suspect run into the driveway of a vacant house. The suspect discarded a purse. The suspect was stopped and gave a false name. Suspected crack cocaine was located in the purse. Laura Collins was arrested.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 1500 Martin Luther King. Two females got into an argument. One suspect struck the victim in the arm with a shoe, causing a laceration. Warrant requested.

DWLI-POSSESSION OF A DANGEROUS DRUG: 1900 block of North Street. Suspect was stopped on traffic charges and found to have a suspended drivers license. Suspect was also found in possession of a tablet of Hydrocodone. Walter Agnew was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 1400 block of A Street. Suspect was stopped for a pedestrian violation and found to be in possession of crack cocaine. Joe Allen was arrested.

HIT AND RUN: 3100 block of North Street. While the complainant was backing from a parking space, his vehicle was struck by a mustang. The mustang left the scene.

DWLI: 1400 block of East Starr. Subject was stopped on traffic, and found to have a revoked drivers license. Latroskie sanders was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 100 block of North Street, suspect was contacted due to suspicious activity and found to be intoxicated. The suspect was also in possession of suspected methamphetamine. Jessica cooper was arrested.

THEFT: 1700 Greer Street. Suspect left a wallet at a friend's house. When complainant returned the wallet was missing, along with credit cards and misc. Items.

ACCIDENTAL DROWNING: Lake Nacogdoches East Park. The victim was swimming outside the marked buoys. The victim appeared to be going toward a private dock and disappeared. He was found 5-10 minutes later by other swimmers. He was transported to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital where he is in critical condition.

ASSAULT-RESISTING ARREST: 300 block of Ferndale. Complainant was assaulted during a disturbance. The suspect, Thomas Dison was arrested. Dison resisted arrest and had to be forcibly arrested.

ASSAULT: 1600 South Fredonia. A man was involved in an argument with his son and daughter. The suspect choked his son. He was arrested. Michael Lamborn was arrested.

EVADING ARREST: Failure To Id; 900 BLOCK OF DURST. Suspect was contacted due to suspicious activity. Suspect gave a false name and then fled from officers. He was captured and arrested. Jatarus Young was arrested.

THEFT: 4810 North Street. Complainant reported that her purse was stolen from a shopping cart while loading items into a vehicle.