Around East Texas 05/15/07

Lufkin Shooting

A shooting at a house in Lufkin Monday afternoon leaves one person dead and another seriously injured. Police say 23-year old Fred Hurts Jr., shot his ex-girlfriend, fled the scene and was found miles away dead from an apparent gunshot wound. It all started about four o'clock yesterday afternoon when police were called to Garvin street. East Texas News spoke with a relative of the victim who tells us they overheard a heated argument between the two and then two gunshots. Police say 21-year old Mykesha Spencer was shot once in the mouth, the bullet existed her throat. She was first treated at a Lufkin hospital and then flown by helicopter to a hospital in Houston. Police say the gunman, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Heating UP

Summer hasn't even started, yet, but the weather is heating up. That means many East Texans are already having trouble paying their electric bills to keep them cool. The Salvation Army in Lufkin is now helping about 20 families a week with utility payments. Many of these working class families have never had to apply for financial assistance before. A copy of your electric bill and proof of income is all the Salvation Army needs before they can provide financial assistance. If they can't help you catch up on your electric bill, they will refer you to another agency.

Machete Attack

Lufkin police are investigating a machete attack. 19-year old Marvin Savceda is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say the attack happened at his home on Myrtle street Sunday night after he started fighting with another man. Investigators say just before the attack the victim walked up to Savceda and extended his arm to shake his hand. That's when Savceda is accused of slicing him with the large knife.

Near Drowning

A Lufkin man remains in critical but stable condition tonight after he almost drowned. The accident happened Sunday afternoon near East Park on Lake Nacogdoches. 20-year old Juan Rodriguez was swimming outside the designated area when he started to struggle. Witnesses say he then went under for around ten minutes. C-P-R was administered until an ambulance arrived.

Skateboarding Wars

More and more downtown Lufkin businesses are adding signage to their property. The signs warn skateboarded to stay off their property. Roller blading, bicycling and skateboarding are illegal in certain downtown areas. Several businesses are reporting cracks in the sidewalk, broken windows and other expensive damage. They blame skateboarders. Business owners say they are tired of paying for these repairs. Skating is only allowed in all Lufkin parks, but there are even restrictions there says the Director of parks and Leisure Services, Don Hannabus. "We just need them to stay off the courts and things that we have painted for tennis or basketball or any of those things, but walkways and parking areas, they just need to be cautious in those that they not run over somebody." Roller blading, bicycling and skateboarding on private or public property without permission in downtown Lufkin can get you a fine or ticket.