DoD Blocks 12 Web Sites from Government Computers

Twenty year old Levi Fuller is a soldier in the Army National Guard. He rarely got to talk to his family during the 16 months he spent in Kosovo, but his family in Lufkin was able to keep in touch with him through the Internet.

One of the web sites the Fullers regularly used to communicate with each other is now blocked by the Department of Defense for security reasons.

Sandra Fuller said, "We did check his MySpace to watch some of his videos and his pictures and to see what his conversations were with his buddies in the military. We could have immediate contact with him, keeping up with what was going on with his life. If we tried to correspond by mail, a lot of times it would be two and a half weeks before we could get anything to him."

The Department of Defense is restricting access to,, and nine other sites on government-owned computers. The goal is to keep military operations efficient and secure.

The block affects more than five million computers that are part of the government's global information grid. And many East Texans with loved ones overseas disagree with the decision.

"I can't understand why pictures they want to send home to their families would be a cause for national security, and frankly it's not the government's business," said Paula.

Military authorities are not reporting any problems related to Internet usage on its computers, but are addressing concerns the high demand for those sites could end up clogging the network.

Certain web sites might eventually be added or removed from the restricted list.