Police are Finding Criminals Have MySpace Accounts

Detective John Davis, with the Lufkin police department, has a MySpace profile. He doesn't have a lot of MySpace friends. Just somebody named "Tom" who wants to be friends with a law enforcement officer. Detective Davis uses this profile to help with Internet crimes.

Detective Davis said, "We've had online solicitations and we're about to go to trial on one case."

In the most recent Internet crimes the Lufkin police department has investigated, about two thirds of the suspects have had MySpace profiles.  He says right now the problem is people soliciting inappropriate pictures back and forth.

Detective Davis doesn't believe it's possible to regulate sites like MySpace, at least for now.

That is why Terry Boomer, at Kurth Memorial Library, is taking steps to make sure computer users at the library can't get onto inappropriate sites. Something that has become a constant challenge.

Boomer said, "We've have had to.  The first time we'll ban them for three months, and then for six months, up to a year."

Detective Davis knows it's easy to post fake profiles on Internet sites like MySpace. And without any formal regulation, site users need to be careful to avoid falling victim to people with bad intentions.