EMS Event Teaches Valuable Lessons

It's a first for Houston County. EMS volunteers and paid services host a field day for youngsters. Emergency workers want to make friends with kids. The EMS event allowed youngsters to see firefighters in full bunker gear, let them spray the water hose and even watch a helicopter take off.

Emergency workers, paid and unpaid worked together planning the EMS demonstrations. That same camaraderie is seen most every day in their service to Houston County. During the event, many were called away to a real accident. An air team, hospital ambulance, a volunteer fire department, the sheriff's department and DPS all respond. Even a civilian helped out.

Grapeland EMS chief and paramedic, Chastity LeBlanc said,  "It's truly amazing how we can work together. Our protocols on the ambulance, they're basically the same. So you are going to get the same care in the county."

Emergency workers want to extend that relationship to the public. A good place to start is with the kids. EMS director for East Texas Medical Center, Roy Langford said,  " We're trying to target the kids for cardiac and stroke awareness. If they're over at their grandparent's house and they see their grandmother or grandfather not really acting right, slurring their speech, can't really move most of the kids know how to dial 911, so we want them to be aware."

This year's event went so well that emergency providers were planning next year's event in between the arrival of bus loads of kids. In all about 1600 children went through the EMS displays.

Emergency care in rural areas can truly show a sense of community. You're never too young to learn that when duty calls you take care of your neighbor.