Supplying Alcohol to Minors

Lufkin High students will soon graduate. It's a time of celebration, but far too often, graduation parties include alcohol.

"Around prom time and graduation, people are wanting to celebrate and party and they're getting excited about year's end. We do see a lot of underage drinking. We also see a lot of accidents due to the underage drinking," said Phyllis Grandgeorge, Executive Director of the Lufkin Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas.

And many times, the alcohol is willingly supplied by adults. Recently, Angelina County Sheriff's deputies arrested two parents for supplying minors with alcohol at their residence. Not only is alcohol potentially dangerous to minors, but buying it for underage drinkers can have serious legal consequences.

"If a kid leaves the home and he or she is legally intoxicated and they're under the age of 18, the parents, say, who has the keg at the home who knowingly allowed that kid to drink could be civilly liable," said Grandgeorge.

That law is called the "Social Host Law." it was passed after a Massachusetts teenager was killed in a crash driving home from a graduation party where the adult host served minors alcohol.

"The law is in place for a reason, because many young people make good decisions, but when you add something that confuses them, such as alcohol, their decision are impaired and they don't make good decisions at times," said Grandgeorge.