New Immigration Deal Reaction

Ruben Carmona came to the United States from Mexico as a teenager. Now a full U.S. citizen, he says the road to citizenship was a hard one.

"I didn't have anything when I came here but I was able to pay my way through college which eventually gave me a job."

A group of us Senators recently agreed on a deal they hope will make it easier for immigrants like Carmona to become legal. The deal would allow illegal immigrants to pay fees and a $5,000 fine to get a visa. They would then have to return to their country of origin to get another visa before returning to the U.S. to get on track for permanent residency, a process that could take between 8 and 13 years.

Carmona tells us he was fortunate to have his citizenship application approved in just 9 months.

"In my case, I think because I had been living here for twelve years, so I guess's there was a line they could trace and everything was okay."

Carmona knows it often takes immigrants many years to become legal. He also knows it costs money to become a legal resident or citizen, but he doesn't think illegal immigrants should be sent back to their countries of origin for visas.

"I agree with the penalty, the fine, or whatever they want to call it, but don't send them back. That's just going to further delay the process."