Your Turn: Payday Loans / Immigration

We asked you to consider this, and you did.  Now it's your turn.

In response to our editorial on pay day loans, S.B. writes:

...about your comments regarding cash stores offering payday loans.  They are not ripping people off.  The people who use them are very glad they are there.  Besides, the banks charge more.  If a person writes a check for $2 that is insufficient, it will cost them $30 to $35 for that check and each check if there are multiples.  So $20 per $100 seems cheap; and people like that.  So, get on the bank's case if you have a beef.

When we solicited viewer thoughts on the illegal immigration situation we received a number of replies.  Here are a few.

A.C. from Lufkin wrote:

I don't blame them.  If my family needed help I would cross over any border.  Life is too short to worry about things like "this land is my land."  We need to learn to share.

However L.B. from Huntington had a different viewpoint.

This is not an immigration problem. It is an illegal alien problem.  The only way to deal with it is to deport and secure the borders.

And B.H. from Lufkin wrote:

I don't think we can fix immigration problems.  The fix will have to start in the country they are coming from.

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