Graduation Dilemma

by Josh Ault

The Nacogdoches School Board decided on Thursday that students who do not pass the TAKS test will not be allowed to walk at graduation.  This decision is not settling well for one local mom.

Wendy Tutt's son, Andrew Smith, is a senior at Nacogdoches High School.  He will not be allowed to graduate because he has not passed the math portion of the test.  Tutt said, "Everyone is at different levels.  No one is the same, everyone is different."

Smith said, "When you work so hard to get there and they tell you that you can't, it lets you down in a big way."  His mother feels that one test should not determine his graduation status.

Andrew has already purchased his cap and gown.  He will now have to wait to see if any changes are made in the decision to keep him from walking.

51 Nacogdoches High Seniors are being left out of this Friday's ceremony because of the TAKS test.  The next time they will be able to take the test is in July.