Cheap Gas

by Christa Smith

With the constant changing gas prices we decided to figure out just where you could find the best deals.  We spoke with many residents in the Lufkin area and did some looking of our own.

For Lufkin we found that Pals on Frank Street was the lowest priced at $3.08.  After doing some more driving around we stopped along highway 59 where a Citgo had gas for $3.02.  They said their secret was ordering a surplus of gas when they thought the prices were about to go up.  By doing this, they keep their prices lower than others.

As we headed south down 59 we found one more spot that was even lower.  The Nu-Way was $2.99.  It was the only spot we found under $3.  So, we found, there are lower prices out there.  You just have to find them.

Because of the variety and numbers in gas stations we were not able to check them all.  These were just the one's that we found and there could be more.