L.P.D. Cruiser Changes

The police cars in Lufkin are changing. They will soon be white instead of blue.

The new cars will also have more modern features, like a drain on the floor of the backseat in case prisoners get sick and different rear seatbelts so officers will not have to lean over prisoners to fasten them.

The department has already replaced half its fleet. The rest will be switched out next year.

Lt. David Young said, "These new ones are actually more economical. We buy them this way and we expect to sell them this way with the equipment they came with. We expect to recoup much of the cost in the resale of these cars to other police departments."

Any department that gets the cars can just peel off the Lufkin police decals and replace them with their own logos. The new squad cars come fully equipped with a radio, overhead lights and radar.