Move It by Clogging

They call themselves 'The Rhythm Rockers'. You may have caught their act at regional festivals. They literally jump at every opportunity to promote clogging. The group's leader and instructor Rita Muckleroy said,  " Clogging is healthy for you, for your mind, body and soul. "

The ladies line up in a row, awaiting for the tune, "Locomotive", begins on the tape player. Muckleroy said,  " Clogging is healthy for your mind because we have to memorize all our performances. All our routines we do." and it's healthy for your body for obvious reasons. You have to move it to keep up. Muckleroy tells members that, " It's great exercise for your heart, your cardiac vascular system, is wonderful. Seven minutes of clogging is like a 5 mile walk. This group has the best looking legs in Nacogdoches. They look like 'The Rockettes.' "

The Rhythm Rockers clog for three hours, once a week. Then they practice at home, unless they hear the rockin tunes elsewhere. Misty Holmes said, " If the song comes on the radio, over the loud speaker we clog. We will do the moves at Bealls, in the grocery store, at work anywhere." And only a happy soul can do that.

The Rhythm Rockers' have beginner, intermediate and performance classes. Members range from teens to grandmas. Anyone's welcome as long as they want to move it. If you'd like to learn more about clogging the 'rhythm rockers' invite you to their practice. They jig every Thursday night at the Nacogdoches Recreation Center from six to nine.