Unemployment Rates on the Decline

by Jessica Cervantez

Twenty-three-year-old Michael Stewart joins a room full of East Texans searching for jobs. The Corrigan resident hasn't been looking long and already he has had some luck.

"I've been looking now for one day, and the search is going really well, because I've got an interview coming up real soon, so I think it should be good," Stewart said. 

And that should be the trend. Instead of East Texans looking for jobs, many employers are looking for workers. The jobs are out there, you just have to find them.

Charlene Meadows, executive director for Workforce Solutions of Deep East Texas, said, "We have seen some growth in our area in the areas of trade transportation and utilities, which would reflect our retail growth for the last few years.  Also, in the areas of education and health services."

The unemployment rate for Angelina County was 4% last month. In March, it was 4.3% and last year in April, it was 4.7%, so, it continues to decline.

Nacogdoches County has also seen a drop. The 12-county region now has an unemployment rate of 3.7%. Newton and Sabine Counties have the highest unemployment rate in East Texas with 6.1% and 8.6%. 

More good news... average weekly wages in the area have also increased by about $50 a week. The message... if you are in search of a job, don't give up.

Stewart said, "Don't quit, there's a lot of jobs out here in East Texas, you just have to keep going."