Police Looking For Assault Suspect

An East Texas woman was confronted by a man with a gun. But thanks to quick thinking she got away. It happened near Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. Right before midnight a woman had just gotten into her parked car. That's when a man with a handgun demanded a ride. You are watching surveillance video of the person police believe is responsible. The woman screamed. And her cries for help were heard by a passing police officer and a hospital employee.

In this case her line of defense worked.   Sgt. Greg Sowell said,  " You can't access every violent act generically. Each one is going to be different and sometimes it comes down to the point the victim has to make a decision and hopefully that decision is the correct one. And in this instance, it definitely was."

The man with the gun ran away toward Ferguson street. He's described as a black male in his mid 20's, just under six feet tall, wearing a white shirt, jeans and dew rag. Anyone with information should call Nacogdoches detectives or Crime Stoppers at 560- INFO.