Gas Prices Having Impact on Boating Sales

Calculate it. Driving to and from the lake and filling up your boat with gas, can get costly, just ask W.C. Allen.

Allen said, "By the time I drive my boat, fill my truck, and drive my boat down here it cost me $75, and that's a little much to go fishing."

Many boat store owners around East Texas are also feeling the impact of high summer gas prices.

Dennis Muldrow, the Coolwater Boats owner, said, "Sales wise we're probably down 10% to 15% from where we were last year."

When it comes to buying a $10 to $20-thousand boat, customer questions have shifted from how fast does this boat go? to how far can I make it on a tank of gas?

Muldrow said, "Everything is just starting to go to more technical motors.  We're going to fuel injection, computerized motors, stuff that's going to get you better fuel economy in the long run."

Right now, it costs about $66 to fill up the average 20 gallon boat tank. That makes boat outings more expensive than ever. But W.C. Allen is among those willing to pay the price. He doesn't want to miss a chance to spend time with his 8-year-old granddaughter, who caught fish for the first time.