Lake Park Construction Has Tight Deadline

Nacogdoches County park commissioners gathered eagerly around what they hope will be the final engineering drawing for the Lake Naconiche park. Jimmy Mize said,  " It just arrived. We're excited looking at it and it looks good."

But a bit intimidating knowing the timeline that must be followed. Project director George Perry Campbell said,  " That schedule is as tight as it can be for the county to comply with state and federal laws." The board must hire a contractor by mid June that can begin work at the site by September. Campbell explained,  " He only has 230 days or so days to complete the work which is in to next spring and obviously that will be extended by weather delays or other things."

A temporary access road, a fishing pier, boat ramp, dock and dive platform will be constructed. Failure to meet deadlines could mean the loss of federal funding. Mize said, " It's something we got to do. We know from some of the problems we had previously with the funding from the federal government that we want to make sure we comply and we get this done on time." any remaining funds can be used toward other park amenities such as pavilions and RV stations. The goal is to complete all the work by September 30, 2008.