Dangerous Intersection

by Christa Smith

After years of accidents and fatalities one of the most dangerous intersections in Angelina County might be getting its fix.  It's the traffic you have to maneuver around on HWY 59 and Farm Road 2021 that is causing many residents to speak out.  Janice Palmer says that you have to sit in the middle of the intersection and just wait for a break in traffic.  Something that has proven to not be so safe.  TXDOT told us that there have been at least 70 accidents in the last ten years there and three of them were fatal.  So, to make the intersection safer TXDOT is hoping to put in an overpass so that the traffic from 59 and 2021 never merge.  In order to make room for the new overpass that has been proposed some residents will have to move back their property line.  One business in the area told us, that's alright because it's worth the outcome.  David Collmorgen, with TXDOT, told us that the plan is just in the working stages right now but if the funding came through and it was approved, work could start as early as 2011.  Palmer said it is something her and other residents have been waiting and they can't wait for it to happen.