Graduation Night 2007

Friday night, 342 Nacogdoches High School seniors will be given the opportunity to walk the stage and pick up their high school diploma. But some graduating seniors have been talking about boycotting the ceremony. They're upset about a district policy that does not allow students who pass their courses, but fail the TAKS test to walk the stage on graduation night.

But by the look of this morning's gathering for the senior picture and graduation rehersal there will be more students walking the stage than not. Principals told us they do 'not' expect a massive boycott of the ceremony. The only person who has publicly announced a boycott is school board member Almarie Henderson. Her attempt to get a more lenient graduation policy failed last week.

We checked around with other Nacogdoches County schools to see what their graduation policy is. We found the majority of schools do have the stricter policy in place. Garrison is the only school that allows students to walk if they have passed all their courses but not the TAKS test. Central Heights has never had a student not pass TAKS. So far they don't have a policy.

Angelina County schools are divided on their policies about graduation ceremonies. The Lufkin, Huntington and Zavalla school districts all allow students who have completed their graduation requirements to walk on graduation day, even if they have not passed each section of the TAKS test. But those students will not be getting a diploma until they pass the exam. The Central, Hudson and Diboll School Districts require students to successfully complete their high school education and pass all portions of the TAKS test before they can take part in commencement exercises.