Bio Energy Bill Failed To Get On Floor

A bio energy bill that economic developers claim was needed to bring a biomass electrical plant to Nacogdoches County has died, for now. The bill that Nacogdoches Power wanted because of its subsidies died when Senator Troy Fraser of Horseshoe Bay did 'not' introduce it to the floor at the state capitol.  The bill was strongly opposed by Temple Inland and the Texas Association of Manufacturing.  For that representative Wayne Christian says he is very bitter and disappointed. " It's a sad day for the common working man and the only thing I can identify is just corporate greed, but that's the real world and I'm sorry that that happened."

But the fight is not over yet. The Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation was pleased to learn this morning that Christian has taken the issue to the governor. The representative and NEDCO members are asking Governor Perry to order the legislation to the floor even though the deadline has passed. NEDCO director, Judy McDonald said,   " We're staying optimistic. Cautiously optimistic because this bill had much of its ups and downs, but we feel like that if the governor weighs in and the other folks that we've asked to get the attention of the legislation that perhaps we can make this bill still work."

Any attempts to introduce the bill must occur before midnight, Monday when the legislative session ends.