Expensive Gas

L.V. Morris loves to travel across the county in his mobile home. But with gas now over three dollars a gallon, he's had to change his vacation plans.

"Gas prices so far have kind of put a hamper on my traveling because I was thinking about going to Houston and then we were planning on going to Houston. So we're going to Houston and canceling the Michigan trip because the gas prices are too high," Morris said.

Morris is one of many Americans who've had to endure high gas prices while traveling across the county this Memorial Day weekend.

The Vietnam veteran tells us he drove to Lufkin all the way from West Texas, and with almost $200 spent on gas, it wasn't cheap.

"I retired from the Navy and I enjoy traveling. I used to be in the Navy and that's why I joined the navy: to travel. But it was cheaper back then to travel around the country and see the rest of the world with the Navy because the pay ws less but the gas was cheaper," he told us.

Morris says as a veteran, he's glad it's Memorial Day weekend. But he's still a little upset about having to spend so much on gas for his trip to Lufkin.

"If you were working for minimum wage, how would you feel if you were working every half an hour for a gallon of gas? That's not fair," Morris said.

Morris tells us if gas gets any more expensive, he might have to find a new hobby.

"I'm thinking about just quitting traveling and going fishing."